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a documentary series

by W2 Films

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Dante’s Journey is a Minnesota nonprofit corporation 501(c)(3) . FEIN #: 86-2340956


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Tik Tok

They started to document Dante's day to day on social media platform Tik Tok, little did they know, their journey was just about to begin.  With millions of views world wide and hundreds of thousands following daily their journey was just getting started



Richard Wallin of W2 Films is a Minneapolis-based video production company producing artistic, high-production-value content for commercial brands and non-profit organizations.  Producer Lynn Younglove and her team are ready to create an all inclusive documentary inspired by the love of Dante's family and giving hope to families living with individuals with Autism.

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Our Family

Mario (Dad) Allie (Step Mom) Michela (sister) have been though many challenges throughout Dante's years of growing up with Autism, only until recently did they feel hopeless of the future was going to be like for Dante.  They were not willing to wait and had to fight hard for the treatment he needed most




The story of Mario and Dante (father and son) and their impassioned journey through life, navigating the day to day experience of autism – the routines, the therapies and treatments, the struggles, and the moments of pure joy. The story centers around Mario’s video journaling on TikTok chronicling Dante’s promising progress on a new regimen of medical cannabis and some very poignant moments together that reveal an emerging Dante. The hundreds of thousands of Mario’s inspired TikTok followers reveal that his compassion and determination for Dante is what is giving them renewed strength and hope in their own journey with autism (“ motivate me to be me...”, “seeing your process of rediscovery is giving people pure joy and love for others...”, “Dante you are genuinely a shining light in this world”). Soon it becomes clear that regardless of how well the new treatment is working, Mario’s incredible love and devotion to his son is bringing them both out of the slumber and giving so many others the same courage to never give up hope. 
“For years I’ve asked myself why me? Willing to understand that things happen for a reason and trying the best I could to understand Autism, it was very difficult to accept. Over the years I’ve learned more about myself and more about understanding and love because of my amazing son. Learning to connect with him in unconventional ways – through his behaviors and subtle sounds, reciting lines from his favorite movies, or special words he says when trying to communicate with me. The professionals we look to for help did what they could. But at best, it was like throwing darts at a dartboard.” – @mariocorto


We will always fight

When you are faced with a closed door, you kick it open and never expect others to understand what is best for your own children.

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